Legacy of Leadership

Unmatched Industry Knowledge

MAKE Corporation holds a unique position in the professional and IT staffing industry based on its leadership of key industry groups. This provides invaluable access to information, insights and events that directly benefit clients.

VMS Professionals

MAKE Corporation CEO Karen Wilson is co-founder of VMS Professionals. Its mission is to establish and advance best practices in the acquisition and management of contingent labor. MAKE is the ONLY IT services and professional staffing firm in VMS Professionals. This provides exclusive access to information and insights that no competitor can match. A trusted and respected voice for the IT services and staffing industry, Karen Wilson also is president of the board of directors for VMS Professionals.

We are the workforce solutions experts.


TechServe Alliance

Karen Wilson has been an active member of TechServe Alliance for more than a decade. She is its former president and most recently served as chairman of the board of directors. TechServe Alliance is a collaboration of engineering and IT staffing and solutions firms, clients, consultants and suppliers. It is dedicated to advancing excellence and ethics within the industry.

What It Means to MAKE Clients

MAKE Corporation’s leadership position within VMS Professionals and the TechServe Alliance has established critical connections that add value to every client engagement. Educating as well as executing, we serve as a guide to help clients navigate the labor market in a more strategic way. Clients benefit from:

  • A rich pool of information resources
  • A better pulse on job market issues and benchmarking
  • Deep insight and understanding of workforce models
  • Counsel above and beyond what’s needed or requested
  • Greater agility in staying abreast of industry trends