TechServe Alliance 2016 Annual Conference

TechServe’s 2016 Annual Conference was held last week in Amelia Island, Florida. For 15+ years, MAKE Corporation has attended this conference which focuses on the issues and trends driving the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry.
Guest speakers, such as Professor and author Michael Roberto of Bryant University, discussed how to build consensus and align your team behind decisions. Alan Beaulieu, a leading economist with a record of 94.7% accuracy in economic forecasts, dove into what actions businesses should take in response to the economic landscape. Karen Wilson, President & CEO at MAKE Corporation, along with other business owners, discussed how to successfully leverage relationships in a VMS world.

The weekend ended with the TechServe Alliance Executive Women’s Luncheon. This year’s lunch was moderated by Leslie Vickrey, CEO, ClearEdge Marketing, where she interviewed Sue Thaden, President/CEO, CRi, and Karen Wilson, President/CEO at MAKE. The women discussed how they got started in staffing, what risks they took over the years and how they built confidence as a strong female leader in the industry.