Supporting Inclusion at MAKE Corporation

“I love working at Discover, my manager and coworkers are very nice and supportive, I get to work with a great team. It is important that people with Intellectual disabilities be given the same opportunities as every one. Discover allows me that. And I get a great paycheck!”

Ela is one of the new hires MAKE recently placed at Discover Financial Services as part of our efforts to drive inclusion. Adults with intellectual disability often experience exclusion and MAKE has made it part of our mission to assist in closing this gap by working with them to find jobs.

As with all candidates MAKE works with, we focus on making a good match between the person, job, and company culture. We seek opportunities for adults who are under-represented in the workplace and ready to work. With careful consideration for all parties and minor accommodations in the workplace by a supportive company, adults with intellectual disabilities can move toward social and professional inclusion and experience a richer life.

Ela is an active athlete with Special Olympics of Illinois ( Please consider supporting Special Olympics!