MAKE Heroes

We know sheltering in place might look and feel different for some of us, and MAKE Corporation would love to hear what it is you and/or your families have been doing to show your support throughout your communities! Whether it’s a sign you or your children made that sits out on your lawn or in your front window, if you’ve done something creative to help others smile, donated food, helped make masks, whatever it may be big or small that you’d be willing to share, we want to hear it! Our goal is to highlight our consultants and clients by sharing their stories.
We will be posting #MAKEHeroes stories on our social media weekly. We encourage you all to use our #MAKEHeroes hashtag because we’re all #INthistogether!
If you are interested in participating, please send stories to
For our first MAKE Hero we would like to highlight Raghu Adibhatla and his daughter Zara! Raghu is a consultant of ours.

They are #MAKEHeroes because…Raghu’s daughter made a video of a song she wrote, a parody to 12 days of Christmas called 12 days of Quarantine. She wanted to do this to make people feel better who have been affected by the corona virus.

You can watch the video here.

This will sure put a smile on your face. Thank you Raghu and Zara!

#MAKEHeroes We’re all #INthistogether