MAKE Corporation Is Committed to DEI

MAKE Corporation believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are more than just words, legal guidelines, and moral obligations. We believe they are guiding principles that make us stronger and more effective as an organization.

We commit to significantly increasing our efforts to drive change today and ensuring that our efforts can and will be sustained for the long term. To support us on this journey towards creating inclusive workplaces, we have appointed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force to research and share learning opportunities with our internal team and identify material to share with our clients. The Task Force will help us bring about positive change, help us learn, and keep us all moving forward.


MAKE Corporation DEI Taskforce Mission Statement

MAKE Corporation is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, where we value and develop employees of all backgrounds and experiences. We listen to different viewpoints, opinions, thoughts, and ideas and embrace a culture of inclusion. We enable this environment by maintaining a list of DEI initiatives and goals and meeting regularly to ensure these goals are met.

Our Commitment to DEI Beyond Our Four Walls

MAKE Corporation is a diversity recruiting firm committed to providing ongoing training for our internal staff on diversity, equity and inclusion as guided by our DEI Task Force.

We are also equally committed to community outreach and helping our clients improve their diversity recruitment strategies. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Acting as a resource for clients as they strive to improve hiring for diversity and inclusion.
  • Helping clients build diversity recruiting best practices.
  • Utilizing diverse job boards to reach diverse candidate pools.
  • Attending diverse college and job fairs to increase diversity candidate pipeline.
  • Tracking diversity status for clients’ new hires at time of onboarding.
  • Developing career coaching training to be shared pro-bono with diverse colleges.
  • MAKE Corporation’s President/CEO participates in an invitation-only CIO Connect series from SIM Chicago focused on ongoing DEI training and thought leadership (
  • MAKE President/CEO serves as Board Chair of Special Olympics Illinois and is involved in Athlete Leadership and job preparedness training.

Helping Companies Achieve DEI Goals

In 2021, MAKE Corporation sponsored Southwest Airlines’ presentation on how they build effective DEI candidate pipelines and a Seyfarth Shaw legal presentation on how to avoid legal jeopardy when building DEI strategies. We are committed to sponsoring events that help companies of all sizes build an inclusive workforce.

MAKE Corporation is nationally certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council ( and is certified by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services as a minority business.

If you want to build stronger hiring practices that improve diversity hiring and want more information on creating an equitable and inclusive workplace, partner with MAKE Corporation.

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