Candidate Testimonials

I would like to state, thank you to the MAKE Corporation for the following reasons:

Employing dedicated and compassionate individuals such as the recruiter I worked with. This interview process has been an amazing experience due to her transparency, expertise and compassion for her career. She has listened to my concerns and each time has met me with empathy and assurance. She has modeled great ethics, intellect and experience as a Senior Recruiter. I have sent thank you letters to each of my interviewers, but honestly, I can not thank her enough and I wanted to express my appreciation to her and all she has done for me, simply by believing in me and being thorough at her role.

LaBresha, Sr Lending Compliance Analyst, Texas-Based Credit Union

This is the best hiring and contract staffing agency I have worked for. They took the time to get to know me, get to know the roles out there, the hiring managers involved, and they set me up with a wonderful match, and I am now being hired on full time at the contract location. The communication was always professional, timely, and welcoming. They were very proactive on the HR paperwork/systems side of things. They communicated frequently about the status of timecards and pay so that there was never a miss. I always received very prompt and full answers to my questions. I would highly recommend working with this company.

Jacob, Business Intelligence Manager, Financial Services Company

Everyone at MAKE was very professional, responsive and helpful when I had any questions. Having assistance from the highly professional team at MAKE on my side made my tenure as a consultant a lot more manageable. Thank you all at MAKE Corp, you all are amazing!

Katherina, Mutual Funds Consultant, Insurance Agency

I have to say this seems like all a dream to me! I absolutely love my new role already! Though it may be extremely busy times ahead, I have to say I have worked very hard to get to this point in my life, and I am ready to fulfill the opportunity that I have been given.

I just want to say, thank you again for all your help!

Brenda, Market Data Analyst, Insurance Agency

Great company to work for and with. Friendly, compassionate, very thorough and great leadership. Thank you MAKE for the time very well spent!

Michael, Senior Bluecoat Proxy Engineer, Healthcare Company

I would like to thank everyone at MAKE for helping me with all my questions and requests, supporting me through the transition to full-time at the client, and encouraging me to grow in my career. I worked with other consulting companies in the past but after working with MAKE Corp, I see the difference! I am glad to be working with MAKE Corp.


Sam, Sr. Trade Application Support Engineer, Global Markets Trading Platform

My recruiter was hands down the most amazing person to work with. When she reached out to me about the customer service representative roll with the client my jaw dropped. This is a career I have wanted for about 10 years now. My recruiter was very helpful and informative with everything I should know and do for the interview. She followed up and reached out before the interview to make sure I was prepared. I feel that with the help of MAKE, I might have landed the career I have dreamed of.

Keith, Customer Relations, Major US Airline

When I got a phone call from a recruiter from MAKE about a job with an insurance company, I didn’t know what to expect. I went through two interview phases and I was offered the job. During the entire process, MAKE kept me up to date on information about the entire process. They made the entire process so stress free for me. After I accepted the offer, the entire on-boarding process was very swift and stress free. I have been in my current role for a year now, and MAKE checks on me weekly (that really means a lot to me). I am grateful for the opportunity to work for a great company under MAKE corporation. Thank you MAKE, you truly do make a difference.

Carol, Project Manager, Healthcare Company

I signed up with MAKE and got an interview with a Healthcare Company. I was hired within the month and after 5 months, they’ve made me an offer for a permanent position. MAKE has been there the entire time, helping me out. They make the process very easy. I would be happy to work with them again. Everyone on their staff is friendly.

Cindy, Contracts Specialist, Healthcare Company

I love the whole place, the people, and the work. Thanks to everyone at MAKE that made this happen for me. I’m very impressed by MAKE so far. My recruiter is one of the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with. Everybody is very professional.

Martin, Help Desk Engineer, Packaging Solutions Company

I got an email from a recruiter, in the middle of the pandemic, saying she thought I was ideal for a full-time position she had, and would like me to interview for it. The job description was perfect for me. It sounded too good to be true, I wondered if it was a scam. But my recruiter was really earnest. She followed up, explained the expectations for this position, advised me on changes to my CV, prepped me for the interview (with such enthusiasm that I wanted to do well, more for her than for myself!), and we spoke post-interview to assess my standing. Before we expected to hear any news, I got the job. They signed me up and the HR team helped me with the contract, the benefits, and all the onboarding and training–not just at MAKE but with issues particular to my new workplace as well. Everyone I’ve emailed or spoken with has been incredibly nice and attentive. They send reminders about the timesheets, they call when you need guidance, they explain what to expect in every situation (like contract renewals, for instance). It’s a nurturing and supportive environment and I feel they genuinely care about my particular situation. And the job–it really was perfect for me. They obviously know what they are doing. I thank my lucky stars they found me.
En un año que estuvo marcado por tragedias, donde no parecía haber más que una mala noticia tras otra, ustedes fueron una gran bendición. ¡Gracias por todo lo que han hecho por mí!

In a year that was marked by tragedy, where there seemed to be only one bad news after another, you were a great blessing. Thank you for all you have done for me!

Rebeca, English-Spanish Marketing Communications Specialist, Healthcare Company

Online onboarding was seamless. I had real people assistance whenever I had a question. I felt informed throughout the whole process including my time on the work assignment. I sincerely was impressed with Make Corp. I had the best experience with the team over any other placement agencies. If I had a question I was always pointed in the right direction.

Michael, Tech Support, Orthopedic Provider

I recently ended my contract with MAKE Corporation, and cannot rave enough about my experience with them. ( No, this is not a paid testimonial). When I was first contacted by MAKE, I wasn’t really in the market for a new job. I had grown comfortable in my previous position, and saw no reason to rock the proverbial boat. After speaking with the recruiter, I decided to move forward with them, figuring I’d either get an offer, or stay in my current role. They provided pin-point guidance on everything from updating my resume, to the interview process and what the role would specifically entail. I went in to my interviews well prepared (aside from the usual nerves that come with interviewing ), and before I knew it, I got the call. MAKE was right there with me on day one to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible, and checked in regularly to see if I needed anything, or just to make sure everything was well with my family as this year descended into madness. Answering that email is one of the best professional decisions I’ve made, and I’m proud to be a part of the MAKE story.

Ronnie, Entity Management Analyst, Global Markets Trading Platform

Working with MAKE Corporation has been a wonderful experience. The entire team at MAKE goes above and beyond in the recruiting process. From the first phone call and conversation, it has been a refreshing experience. They took the time to really get to know me, my career goals and the kind of opportunities that I was truly interested in. During each step of the process they kept me informed with detailed information and extremely professional service. With each step I am pleasantly surprised with the level of care, organization and detail that MAKE provides both the candidate and their client. Working with MAKE I am reminded that I am not just another number, but a person.

Leonard, Customer Service Specialist, Global Markets Trading Platform

A+ service from MAKE! My recruiter moved like lightening to get me an interview, helped me on my resume, gave me a heads-up on specifics of the employer and coordinating everything. He’s been great to work with, easy to talk to, and always available. On the day of the interview, a MAKE representative came down to meet me at the interview site to make sure I was ready. She gave me some really good advice and waited to get my feedback and provide her own. I’ve NEVER had a recruitment firm do something like that! I’ll definitely work with MAKE now and in the future, as well as refer any people I know to MAKE.

David, C#, SQL Developer, Options Trading Company

My work with MAKE was a very memorable experience. The application process was very easy. I did not have to come to the office to complete lengthy applications or proficiency testing with MAKE. My personal information was only required after approval by the client to start work. This is not like other agency’s requirements. With one phone interview and one personal interview, I was hired.

Wesley, Tax Associate, Financial Services Company

I would like to thank the entire MAKE team that I have worked with and I am grateful for the support in helping me in my career. I can’t say enough about how well I was treated and about the professionalism of your team. It has been a pleasure working with you and the team.

Tim, Sr. Communications Specialist, Healthcare Company

My recruiter was extremely helpful in assisting me with my initial interview resulting in a job offer. It was great to have a Customer Service Representative checking in with me periodically to make sure all was well. I’d like to thank my Consultant Advocate for all the things you personally have done for me, not only involving administrative topics but also being there to talk when I needed feedback or advice. Thanks also to the back office, for all they have done to facilitate time sheets and payroll. And finally, I’d like to say it was really sweet to receive those nice greeting cards with handwritten messages by the whole team – what a special touch! It really made me smile.

Danielle, Associate Project Manager, Healthcare Company