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Making the Difference in July

The MAKE team has been continuously providing a meaningful impact in our community. Some of the July events we’d like to spotlight are: NF… Read more »

Spotlighting People Who Make a Difference: The Heroes Among Us

Every day, individuals overcome the sometimes staggering hurdles life presents. Their ability to do so is often driven by people… Read more »

Understanding Generational Difference in OUR Workplace – A Follow Up

Last month we examined some of the differences between generations and how they can affect your workplace. To follow up… Read more »

Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace

In today’s workplace there is more diversity than ever. According to Forbes, at least three generations can be found in… Read more »

Salary Negotiation Tips to Protect Your Interests

Salary negotiation is a topic that comes up pretty frequently in blogs and online forums, but often times the tips… Read more »

Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

What job search tools do you use? Maybe you partner with a recruiter, peruse job boards, and go to networking… Read more »

Your 2012 Workplace Holiday Survival Guide

Imagine an exciting holiday party in a locale off the beaten path. You’re enjoying the festivities with your coworkers, including… Read more »

Is a Remote Workforce Right for Your Business? Part 2: MAKE’s Internal Case Study

In my blog last month, I talked about how remote workers can be more productive than their counterparts. While I… Read more »

Is a Remote Workforce Right for Your Business? Part 1: Productivity

As the lines between the office and home continue to be blurred with the now common practice of BYOD (bring… Read more »

Using LinkedIn? Okay, But Are You Using It Correctly?

If you’re looking for your next job opportunity, LinkedIn is a great resource. Searches for job openings have increased dramatically… Read more »