Rebeca, English-Spanish Marketing Communications Specialist, Healthcare Company

I got an email from a recruiter, in the middle of the pandemic, saying she thought I was ideal for a full-time position she had, and would like me to interview for it. The job description was perfect for me. It sounded too good to be true, I wondered if it was a scam. But my recruiter was really earnest. She followed up, explained the expectations for this position, advised me on changes to my CV, prepped me for the interview (with such enthusiasm that I wanted to do well, more for her than for myself!), and we spoke post-interview to assess my standing. Before we expected to hear any news, I got the job. They signed me up and the HR team helped me with the contract, the benefits, and all the onboarding and training–not just at MAKE but with issues particular to my new workplace as well. Everyone I’ve emailed or spoken with has been incredibly nice and attentive. They send reminders about the timesheets, they call when you need guidance, they explain what to expect in every situation (like contract renewals, for instance). It’s a nurturing and supportive environment and I feel they genuinely care about my particular situation. And the job–it really was perfect for me. They obviously know what they are doing. I thank my lucky stars they found me.
En un año que estuvo marcado por tragedias, donde no parecía haber más que una mala noticia tras otra, ustedes fueron una gran bendición. ¡Gracias por todo lo que han hecho por mí!

In a year that was marked by tragedy, where there seemed to be only one bad news after another, you were a great blessing. Thank you for all you have done for me!